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Save Money and Steer Clear of Electronics

with These Kid-Friendly Gift Ideas

Author: Alice Jonas

Kids and electronics seem to go together like peas and carrots nowadays. However, too much time on electronic devices is linked to childhood health issues like poor sleep quality, mood disorders, obesity, and vision problems. One of the best ways to reduce their usage is to offer fun alternatives. As you’re gift shopping for your kids, consider these options that are entertaining, educational, affordable, and electronics-free.

Smart and Sporty Solutions

Chances are you’re well aware that exercise is a good thing. However, many people don’t realize the impact physical activity can have on a child’s life. Healthline notes that exercise not only strengthens a child’s bones, muscles, and heart, it helps ward off depression, improves their confidence, and can even help them excel academically. What’s more, some research indicates that people who exercise during their youth are more apt to become happy and healthy adults.

Athletic gear can add up, but bigger retailers like Macys offer a cornucopia of equipment options, from tennis to golf and from football to hockey. They also offer free shipping when you spend $25 or more, and on top of all that, you can find more opportunities to save when you shop Macys at Rakuten, where you can land some coupons, promo codes, and other savings opportunities. It’s a great way to outfit your kid with all the gear they need while stretching your spending money.

Pleasure and Prosperity, Now and in the Future

Would you like to see your child thrive, both now and in the future? Of course you would! The Independent says the key lies in reading for pleasure. It seems that kids who learn to enjoy reading experience more academic success, and they also enjoy better mental health. Beyond that, they turn into adults who enjoy more economic success.

There are books on any subject you or your youngster can imagine. A favorite sports hero, animal adventures, foreign lands, magical kingdoms — think through what might excite your child and pick up some reading material.

For a gift that keeps on giving, consider gifting a book club subscription to your child. There are clubs like Literati that allow you to select the appropriate age group, they’ll ship price-matched selections periodically, and any books that aren’t a good fit you can return so you aren’t out any money.

If you’re truly stumped, a simple solution is to run to your public library and bring home a pile of reading material. It’s free, and when you find the one that flips your child’s switch, you can go from there.

Science, Tech, Engineering, and Mathematics — Oh, My!

It seems like kids either have a knack for STEM subjects or they don’t. However, STEM is a future-facing realm, and it’s a must for today’s children. With the front and center role technology plays in our world, STEM influences all sorts of fields that might surprise you, from museum curation to journalism. And the best STEM learning options incorporate a variety of skills and disciplines, so children of all sorts can engage.

If your child turns their nose up at STEM on the surface, look for selections that are likely to appeal based on an existing interest. For a kid that likes fantasy, for instance, create mad scientist experiment kits assembled DIY-style from everyday kitchen supplies. There are also low-cost STEM toys, like an anatomy game for a child who is interested in the human body, or building and block sets for children who like assembling things or making things go.

When it’s time to invest in your child’s gifts, consider choices that invest in your child’s future. Fitness, reading, and STEM can make a big impact in your child’s adult life, right now. And set aside those electronic devices for a while!