Parent Testimonials

What People are Saying

Run by great people who keep the kids engaged and active! Two of my kids come here and both love it!

The Taboadas

Amazing family run business with hearts of gold. Caring, compassionate and trustworthy!

The Espositos

Both of our children, now 8 and 10 years old, have been at Pumpkin Patch since they were 6 months old and trust the staff implicitly. Thanks for all that you do!”

The Landinos

Teresa & her staff are top notch. My daughter went there 25 years ago and then her son went there 7 years ago. The care and trust for our kids is second to none. You can sleep well if your kids are in her hands.

The Cartas

To Everyone at Pumpkin Patch,


If paper and toner did not cost $4,000 per ounce, you would probably see about 10 pages of that line. However, there is not enough paper and toner in one Staples to express how much we appreciate everything you have done for our family in the past couple years. About three years ago, we asked the all-powerful wizards at Google to give us a list of the daycares that were close to Deep River. Being new parents we felt the need to see everything that was out there. We spent about two weeks looking at every daycare in a 15 mile radius. By the end of those two weeks, we had seen: 5,092 art projects, 354 cribs, 14,328 books, 32 bottles of Purell, 476 cubbies, and 7,321 child safety locks… but there was only one place we saw that was perfect for our kids and family. It was a fairly easy decision to make, and one that we have been happy with ever since!

It takes a very special person with a very specific set of skills and attitudes to be able to work in a daycare. Not only do you have to deal with crazy kids… but you get crazy parents too! We wanted to make sure you all knew that we appreciate how you dealt with all the crazy things we did. Whether it was Pete forgetting to bring in someone’s milk, diapers, wipes, extra clothes, etc. — again, or Sarah showing up almost 30 minutes late for pick-up, no one ever said a word! When Pete was knocking on the door right at 6:30 and not even giving you a moment to get a sip of coffee, you were always happy and pleasant! If Ed threw a tantrum about not wanting chunks in his yogurt or wanting the purple toy, you all humored him. Then, there is Aaron and all the crazy that he brought to Pumpkin Patch. Are there any words to describe the attachment that Aaron had with certain teachers? But, through it all, you smiled, laughed and played with our boys like they were your own.

We cannot single out any one teacher because, honestly, you all have done something to touch our lives in some way. You are all to be commended for how well you do your jobs. Every time we walked in there, it felt more like a big family than a place where people go to work. You were all able to find a job that you were meant to do, so it was not “work” to you! The boys are so young, it is possible they will not remember Pumpkin Patch years from now, but you can be certain that their parents will never forget the place or the people. It was a very happy day when we found you and quite a sad day when we had to make the decision to leave. It is impossible to imagine a better group of people to watch over, educate, play with and love Ed and Aaron. We will miss you all more than a simple letter can say. Hopefully, our paths will cross again and you can all see how our boys have grown, knowing that we owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of the energy, entertainment, and effort you have expended to make sure that they are the best possible form of themselves that they can be! It is with a heavy heart and tears in our eyes that we walk through the door one last time, but with joy in our thoughts and memories for the time that we did get to spend together!

The Johnsons

After interviewing over 5 daycare centers in the area, this daycare offered the most comprehensive and loving care I could find for my infant. She still misses her teachers, and I miss the amazing crafts my daughter brought home from school. I came in at random times, and showed up whenever I was in the area- I never felt I was intruding and always felt very welcomed. I felt my infant was well cared for, fed, diapered regularly and well socialized. My daughter was constantly hugged and held. She sang songs and danced as she learned how to stand on her feet. Miss Stephanie did an amazing job at taking care of my daughter for her first year and half of life. She would write detailed journal entries and have shaped Lily’s personality into the joyful, fun and sweet toddler my daughter is today. They have very strict infant regulations and is audited every year if not more frequently. The facility director truly cares about all the children and could care less about the bottom line. She is a loving and wonderful individual- always on location, and rarely not there. Whenever they are down one person, Miss Teresa always chips in to help with loving arms.”

The Sarners

We love the Patch!  Our children have been going to the Patch for over 7 years now.  The teachers and staff are exceptional and love our kids; they are nurturing, understanding, funny and caring.  The students are academically prepared for kindergarten and are involved in developmentally appropriate activities all day.  When we’ve had scheduling jams, Teresa has gone above and beyond and out of her way (literally!) to accommodate our needs.  The “working mother guilt” has faded over the years because I know we have exceptional people helping us raise our kids.  We know our children are safe, fed and cared for every day and have never, not once, had a complaint about any of the teachers there.

The Talpeys

Dear Pumpkin Patch Family,

We are so thankful for our years at Pumpkin Patch. You cared for, loved, laughed with and guided our children. Always kind and patient, we could not have found a better place for our kids to grow.

Pumpkin Patch is an amazing place and our children have loved being with all of you. Thank you to all who have been a part of our children’s lives these past 12 years. We will miss you dearly but hold in our hearts precious memories of all the events (concerts, picnics, pizza Fridays, proms, etc.) that make Pumpkin Patch the special place we know it to be!!

Thank you!!!!

The Perreaults

Dear Pumpkin Patch Staff,

My husband and I want to say thank you. Thank you for caring for our boys as if they were your own. Nothing means more to me than the peace of mind that my babies are being cared for wholeheartedly with kindness and patience. Ugo and Emeka LOVE attending Pumpkin Patch.

May you all continue to receive God’s blessings. To us, you all are part of our extended family. We wish everyone the very best. We will greatly miss all of you.

Special thanks to Mrs. Teresa, Mrs. Elena, Mrs. Tiffany, Mrs. Danielle, Mr. Daniel and Mr. Alex — Love ya’ll!!”

The Okekes